On Fridays I have been working on communication skills with the 5/6 multiage class. We have been playing games that work on Kieve’s Eight Guidelines for Effective Communication LEADSTAR:

  • Listen to the entire message
  • Eye contact
  • Ask questions on topic
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Think before you speak and act
  • Avoid distractions
  • Repeat the message

Last Friday, the class tried an activity called Robot Progression. There are two teams that must stand outside of a circle. Each team selects one member to be blindfolded in the circle (picking someone can often be the biggest challenge for them). The teams instruct their blindfolded teammate to walk through the circle, pick up a stuffed animal, and toss it underhand and the other team’s contestant. First team to tag the other team three times wins.

We talked about how louder isn’t always better when it comes to giving instructions. The students also decided that one person speaking at a time is the best way as long as everyone gets an equal chance to speak.

We will be going to Kieve this Thursday for rock climbing and more activities outside.