I turned the Spanish review puzzle I did individually with the Wednesday Enrichment students into a larger, team-building activity. The students had to work together to match the Spanish and English words to review colors, numbers, days of the week, weather, and greetings. I wrote the words to match on a grid with 9×9 inch paper squares, pictured below.

I was proud of this one. In all three classes, the students were motivated to complete the challengeĀ and helped each other remember Spanish.

Because there were more than 15 kids in each class, not everyone could be involved once pieces started to come together. If I ever do this again, I might make bigger squares so more kids can fit around the puzzle or make two copies so that two smaller groups can undertake the Spanish review challenge.


2nd Graders match Spanish-English words on square edges to complete one giant square. They reviewed Spanish words and worked together as a team.