In the third week of Project Based Learning, we are narrowing down ideas for a project. Last week we thought of things that would make the world a better place. This week, we thought closer to home. The prompt this time was “If I had a million dollars….” The students filled out a pie chart of what they would donate money to.

Then, we voted on what setting to do the project in. The students voted for either “School” or “GSB Community.” By popular vote, it appears that this project will take place in the community outside of the school.

Then, we talked about what problems existed in Newcastle, Damariscotta, Waldoboro, Bremen, and the other towns we represent at GSB. The students were eager to voice their opinions. They were passionate about the problems of people not getting the food and clothes they need, cars speeding on roads they play on, and grown ups bullying other grown ups. Next week we decide the project topic!


“If I had a million dollars to give to the community, I would____”