This is the second year that 5th grade will participate in Project-Based Learning. The students will decide on a service project, plan, and execute it themselves during guidance blocks throughout the week. As instructors, we will do our best to facilitate the students so that they feel ownership over every aspect of the project.

What is Service Learning?

  • We are going to learn something
  • We will give back to our community
  • Student Ownership: The entire project will come from the students

Last year, students did trail maintenance on the trail behind their school and visited an animal shelter. Other schools have collected children’s books for children in need, read to patients in the hospital, started a recycling program, and even passed a no-littering-cigarette-butts law.

What will this year bring?

We will find out in the next couple weeks. Today, the students participated in a team building activity called “Human Scrabble” to practice communicating ideas and working together. Next, we will learn about what service is and what it means to “give back.”


Here are some great resources on Service Learning in Maine: