This week in 2nd grade Spanish class, by popular demand, we will be learning animal names. We have been doing a lot of drawing/labeling and listening/repeating exercises, so I decided  to mix it up with a sort of scavenger hunt.

I created a bingo card with 25 squares and wrote a spanish animal in each box.  On index cards, I printed or drew the same animals and labeled them in both Spanish and English. In each class, we went through the animals an passed the cards around the circle to look at. Then I had them put their heads down as I put the cards around the room in visible but inconspicuous spots.

I told the kids that they were on a safari. Therefore, we cannot run or shout or push to scare the animals away. We have to calmly look around, not touch the animals or push others to see them. My backup plan was to use a speaking tool and look from their desks. But luckily, we are two-for-two in respectful safari behavior.

The kids were so great. They worked together to fill out the chart (“hey guys I found the ‘el conejo!'”) and used the Spanish animal names instead of the English during reflection. I am very proud of this lesson plan.


Spanish animal cards I made for a scavenger hunt