On February 12th, two fifth grade classes came to Kieve for a day of adventure, teamwork, and outdoor fun.

Here is what we did:

8:45 Arrive, settle, and snack

9:30-11:30 One class goes snowshoeing while the other indoor rock climbs

  • We snowshoed along the lake shore and stopped at points along the way to play games and build forts. We brought track guides and spotted many rabbit and squirrel tracks, a set of fox tracks, and a deer track. At one spot, we took turns with a partner to put on blind fold. The partner without a blindfold guided the other to a tree, let them get to know the tree, and return to allow them to guess which tree we were led to.  The best was building forts and gnome homes on a beautiful sunny spot in the woods.
  • In rock climbing, the students were taught to belay each other and to work together to keep a climber safe off the ground. This belay is called “Australian Belay,” and the kids encouraged each other and took in the slack in the rope as a team. Many kids pushed their comfort zone and gave the wall a try.

11:30-12:15 Lunch and Free Time

12:15-2:15 The classes switch climbing/snowshoeing

2:30 Depart


We arrived at Wescott Point to build forts and play by snowshoeing along the lake shore