Last week at recess a few 5th and 6th grade girls suggested a cooking club once a week for something else to do at recess. I thought that was a great idea.

I did not expect 37 kids to show up in the school’s OT room kitchen today.

This week we made apple crisp, simple enough and generally allergy-friendly. I printed out 2 copies of directions. Team 1 was in charge of peeling and slicing the apples. Team 2 was in charge of mixing the melted butter, egg, and cake mix. Team 3 was in charge of stirring heavy cream to make whipped cream. Everyone got to have a very small role, and they did a fantastic job sharing what few tasks we had.


Mixing gluten free cake mix, egg, and butter for the top


Stirring up some whipped cream


Slicing the apples and mixing them with cinnamon

Since there were so many of us, we sadly did not get to enjoy the results and not everyone could participate. Next week we will have sign ups for two week cooking club meetings, with a maximum of 8 students. This way the joy of cooking and chatting will not be lost.