For the next three weeks I will be leading activities with the three 1st grade classes in their physical education class. The goal of these activities is to build a sense of team and to practice working together through physical activity.

This week, we had fun playing “Steal the Bacon.”


  1. The goal is to run to the “bacon” (placed on the floor behind me), steal it, and bring it back to the starting line. Stinky the Skunk was our Beanie Baby visitor that served as the “bacon.”
  2. When my back is turned, you may go. When I yell out “Who stole my bacon?” and turn around, you must freeze. If someone takes extra steps, he or she must go all the way back.
  3.  Once the group steals the bacon, they must hide it. When I turn around and the bacon is gone, I get 2 guesses while everyone is frozen to find the bacon.
  4. If I guess wrong, the group continues to the finish line. If I guess correctly, I get the bacon back and the entire group must start over.
  5. The class wins when they get the bacon all the way back to the finish line.

A 1st grade class works together as a team to hide a Beanie Baby skunk from me so that I cannot guess who has it. 

How it went:

Great. Running and laughing are the two verbs that sum this game up. I was impressed that the kids shared ideas about how to share the beanie baby and how to fool me into thinking someone else had it.