Today I began a half hour of weekly Spanish with each of the second grade classes. First, I asked them what they knew about Spanish. One student had family in Guatemala. Another could count to three. Many knew how to say “muchas gracias” (thank you very much).

Then we talked about where people speak Spanish. We looked at maps and the kids shared stories about Miami, Mexican restaurant staff, and Patagonia.

We began the lessons with colors. The Crayola markers have both English and Spanish colors written on them and were a great place to begin.

  1. Name a color: Red is rojo
  2. Raise your hand of you are wearing the color “rojo”
  3. Repeat for several colors, backtracking to already done ones sometimes and writing them on the board.
  4. Once the kids were comfortable with a solid list, I asked a few if they would like to stand up and name all of the colors that they were wearing.
  5. Finally, every student found a partner to name all the colors on his or her clothing. And of course talk about favorite colors.


Later at lunch and recess, I was happy to hear some them naming the colors in their lunch box.